Destination Mystery is a podcast for readers who love a good mystery. Weekly interviews feature authors of every kind of mystery imaginable, but they all have one thing in common: I really like their books.

The links on the website are affiliate links, so if you want to click on them to buy a book and help support the show, that’s awesome. But if not, no worries. This is a passion project: no ads, no sponsorship, no pay for play. Just great books. 

As for “about” me, I’m a writer myself: my first professional play was an interactive murder mystery. It was produced in a former porn house the town was trying to “reclaim,” while my theater company and I were all housed next door in the newly-closed brothel. And things just got weirder from there.

I’ve worked in news, TV, fiction — you name it. I co-produced a web series, Faux Baby, about a couple so afraid of having children that they decide to practice first… on a doll. I’ve had short stories published (mystery and horror) and I horror film I wrote, “Most Likely to Die,” will be hitting theaters in May 2016. I worked in news and current affairs for PBS, and I’d like to say I’m drawing on my journalism training for the podcast interviews, but mostly I’m coming to the table as a fan.  

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a suggestion for an author — or you are an author — I should interview, feel free to drop me a line at Laura@DestinationMystery.com 

Life is a mystery. Finding a good book doesn’t have to be.

Happy reading!